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Do you remember a time, not too long ago, when you knew the person that made your food when you went out? You didn’t just park in some enormous lot, walk nearly half a mile (or more!) into a megamart and through it’s aisles, and attempt to piece a meal together from countless cans, cardboard boxes, and plastic-wrapped styrofoam trays. Not too long ago, you cloud look your butcher in the eyes. You could ask him questions, and HE HAD REAL ANSWERS. He could tell you what cut of meats to use for that special occasion, or how to stretch that $20 to fee the whole family with some leftovers.


What do you know about your food NOW? Where did that chicken come from? Is that ground beef safe, or is it a mash-up of up to hundreds of possibly diseased and drugged cattle? What’s REALLY in that sausage?


We at The Local Butcher Shop and Market are here to welcome you back to a better time of REAL MEATS. We are proud to know the farmers that raised the animals and the producers that made every product offered in our shop. We are professionals Chefs as well as Butchers, and we personally prepare all of the Sausages, Deli Meats, Entrees and Side Dishes in our cases.


We celebrate on January 22nd, 2014, our first full year in business in Alcoa, just a straight shot South and one left turn from Greater Knoxville. We’re a little tricky to find, and (thanks to my unfortunate color scheme selection) even harder to see, even from the busy street right in front of us. Nonetheless, we see new faces and regulars customers in the shop everyday. We learned a lot in our first year. We learned that not may folks come to a Butcher Shop for Coffee or Tea. We learned that while New York Strip is the most popular steak cut in America, Ribeye is King here in East Tennessee. We learned to be conscientious of several special diets when preparing our ready-to-eat dishes. We keep all of our recipes as simple and pure as possible. We continue to learn WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT.


With over 40 years of combined knowledge and experiences in all levels of cuisine, from fast-service grub to five-star cuisine, Dan and I know our way around a dinner plate, and are here to help you make the best of your meal.


Food in America, fresh meats especially, are expensive, and they’re not getting cheaper. The cheapest foods out there are downright dangerous. Dan and I left the restaurant industry to get away from processed foods and get back to real ingredients. There’s a lot less cardboard and far fewer cans, and a lot more work, but it’s worth it. We are proud of the foods we make, and love to see the smiles on our customers’ faces.


We hope one of our customers pointed you to our new website here, and we hope that our website can point you directly to our shop. Come in soon and check us out. Also, we are very active on facebook and our new Twitter account, and you can keep up with specials and new treats there daily. I think you’ll like what you see.

Again, welcome to The Local,



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Grass Fed Ground Beef

Grass fed ground beef.

only 8.99 $

What are people saying?

They provide excellent local meat and the staff has a wealth of culinary knowledge they are willing to share. They also carry some of the best cheesecake, cheese, and sauces I've ever tasted.
Brandon Hall - Maryville

Great customer service and fresh, delicious product. Carnivores...this is your dream come true.
Angie Gilmore - Maryville